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Frequently Asked Questions About PNG

What is Piped Natural Gas (PNG)?
PNG is mainly methane ? CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane and hence it burns almost completely making it the cleanest fuel. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines across the country.
Is there any Storage Space required for Gas inside the Society premise/ near the House?
No. there isn’t any storage space required; the Gas is transmitted via the Pipeline laid by MNGL.
What is the minimum penetration requirement for MNGL?
Min. 50% of the members needs to subscribe for the PNG connection.
What are the installation charges for each member?
You need to pay an amount of Rs.6000/- to avail this facility. The break-up is as under:- Interest free refundable security deposit of Rs.5000/- towards PNG Connection Interest free refundable security deposit of Rs. 500/- towards consumption of gas & Rs.500/- towards Application fee (Non-refundable) Rs.6550/- incase of Society/Building is already gasified ( Rs.550/- is towards online charges)
Who owns and is responsible for laying the pipelines for PNG supply?
The Pipeline up to consumer’s kitchen is laid, owned and is the responsibility of MNGL. In case of damage to the equipment installed at customer’s premises by the customer, applicable charges shall be recovered before replacement/rectification from the customer only. Underground low pressure pipes (poly ethylene) are laid till the building, and from the bottom of the building to individual residence GI pipes are used for piping.
Note: digging, pipe laying and resurfacing of the trench inside the society is MNGL’s responsibility.
What is the Billing Cycle?
Billing Cycle is bi-monthly.
How is the Bill generated?
Bills are generated on the actual usage of the gas. The meter reader (MNGL authorized agency’s person) carrying a valid ID card would come to your home once in 2 months or The consumer can also call up the customer care (020-65107600) and communicate the meter reading or In absence of the actual meter reading, average/assessed bills will be generated.
What are the various Bill payment options?
Drop Boxes are installed at various societies, also customer can pay in any branches of Axis & ICICI Bank & Online facility is available on this website.
What is the Cost of Natural Gas?
Rs.25/- per SCM
Are there any non-usage charges?
Yes. Rs. 25/- per month. Or Rs. 50/- per billing cycle.
If currently a resident chooses not to opt for PNG connection, how can they avail connection later?
The consumer who opts later for the PNG connection will have to pay extra “Online Charges “which are currently fixed at Rs. 500 (i.e. in addition to Rs. 6000/-).
Are there any different instruments/ accessories that resident will have to purchase as the Gas supplied is Natural Gas and not LPG?
The conventional appliance can be adapted to the PNG network by changing the “Nozzles” only. These are provided by MNGL at no extra cost.
Can the residents keep the LPG as a back-up?
Individuals are requested to mention the LPG Connections details in the application form for PNG. This is a mandatory requirement as per the notification of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG) and the resident will have to surrender / put the cylinders in Safe Custody within two months of obtaining PNG connection.
What if there’s a breakdown in the network due to govt. road repair work?
In case of breakdown, the same has to be communicated to the Emergency Team who will address the issue promptly. This team is functional 24 x 7. There’s regular patrolling done to avoid any kind of accidents due to leakages.
Is the supply of PNG regular?
Yes, the supply is absolutely regular. The pipeline distribution network is based on an on-line supply system that consists of safety valves and regulators that regulate the pressure.
Is PNG safe?
a) Flammable limit of Natural Gas (NG) is 5-15% with air whereas for LPG it is 2 to 10% with air. b) Natural Gas is lighter than air. Therefore, in case of a leak, it just rises & disperses into air given adequate ventilation. c) Auto Ignition Temperature of NG is 542˚C
How PNG is economical than LPG?
a) PNG is cheaper than subsidized LPG around 5%. b) You pay only for the actual PNG consumed. c) No shortage, No pilferage & No Wastage.