Billing Policy

Bills are raised once in 2 months i.e. bi-monthly basis.

Billing is done as per actual meter reading taken. If actual meter reading is not available due to door lock, assessed bill is generated based on the actual reading of the customer in the previous cycle.

In case of non-usage of gas by consumer, the consumer should inform MNGL based on which Minimum Charges Bills will be raised on the consumer. All Bills raised by MNGL have to be paid by the consumer on or before the due date.

Once a consumer is disconnected, connection will only be provided after paying the disconnection and reconnection charges, as applicable from time to time.

After due date of payment, MNGL reserve its right to disconnect the PNG supply without any further intimation.

Payment due date would be 14 days from the date of invoice.

Disconnection Policy

On non-payment of bills, recovery agencies will call up the customer 3 times.

If bills are still not paid, hard copy of notice of disconnection will be handed over to the customer by the recovery agency, giving 7 days period to make the payment.

After expiry of 7 days, disconnection will be done by the agency with the help of O&M deptt.

Collections & Reconnection Policy

Customer has to pay the entire outstanding amount along with disconnection and reconnection charges i.e. (lRs.650+Rs. 850=Rs. 1500).

On Payment of Rs. 1500/- a customer shall be eligible for re-connection.

Cheque Dishonoured Procedure

For every dishonour of cheque Rs. 177 (Rs. 150+GST) as debited by bank is charged for Domestic Consumer.