It is anticipated that, the CGD sector is expected to grow manifold in the next few years, with the government setting a target of increasing the share of natural gas in the country’s energy basket from the current level of 6.2% to 15% by 2030.

According to forecasts, the only fossil fuel expected to become increasingly important in future is natural gas. The CGD segment is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Digitalisation is expected to play a major role in transforming the operations of CGD entities through the introduction of smart meters and mobile applications that reduce the need for manual readings.

Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited is committed to reduce pollution by enhancing natural gas usage through volume growth, visibility with geographical expansion, consumption of gas in the country through the CGD projects, boost CGD awareness and reaching out to every pocket of city with special care to continuous service and safety for all the stakeholders.

MNGL is also venturing into setting up of LNG Stations which will help increase the visibility of Natural Gas in the country and CBG Stations under the SATAT initiative of GOI, which will help reduce the polluting emissions and also to promote the vision of Clean & Green India.

MNGL has plan to put an additional infrastructure of over 1000 kms during next five years. The CNG segment is growing at a rapid pace and there is an opportunity to tap the potential to a greater extent. Accordingly, MNGL has planned to establish around 150 CNG stations in next five years across all GAs in addition to conversion of Daughter Booster Station to Online Station thereby increasing overall compression capacity.

MNGL is continually interacting with major Builders and Developers to provide PNG facility in their upcoming residential projects, which is expected to add approximately 3 lakh domestic Households in next 5 years. This will help our company to optimize use of its assets and infrastructure.

MNGL continues to add more industrial customers by increasing pipeline network and aggressive marketing strategies. The company is in process of converting 25 more industries in FY 2019-20 which is expected to increase the daily volume by approx. 50,000 SCMD.

The addition of GAs of Nashik-Dhule-Valsad (Part) Districts, Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra, and Ramanagara District in Karnataka under the 9th round CGD Bidding by PNGRB would not only increase the consumption of natural gas but also boost the volume growth and thereby drive profitability for our company. Therefore, our company has aggressive plans to expand its horizon in this newly secured GAs.