In this case Society/Customer is required to send a written request on society letter head to Customer Care office, Shivajinagar with regard to demolition work by obtaining consent from all gas using Customers regarding Permanent Disconnection. MNGL’s authorized contractor will carry out a visit to the site for disconnection of gas connection. The Society has to provide “right of way” to MNGL gas pipelines as it is not possible to disconnect the underground gas pipelines in case of feeding gas to the neighbouring societies also. Under this activity all the gas pipes and fittings shall be taken back into MNGL’s possession and Customer will be required to apply for a “New Connection” once the Society is formed
(New connection charges will be applicable in this case).

For any further information you may kindly contact the Customer Helpline on 18002662696 on any day from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.